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Hawaiian Quilt Show 2005 posted: 6/13/2005
by Patricia Littlefield Printable Page
Category: Applique Method: All Series: On the Road
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Trumpet by Satsue Hamada

Hawaiian Quilt Show 2005
Hui Kapa Apana O Waimea

Never in my life would I attempt a Hawaiian quilt, but that does not keep me from appreciating them and admiring the skills of those who do. Every other year since 1972 when it began in the town of Waimea (known to locals as Kamuela to distinguish it from other Waimeas on the islands of Oahu and Kauai) on the Big Island of Hawaii, the Hui Kapa Apana O Waimea Guild has held a quilt show.

Irene Kubo, an original member of the guild, told me the reason that the show is held every two years is because it takes that long, or longer, to complete a Hawaiian quilt. The guild started with about twenty-five members and now has more than fifty and includes both locals (kama’aina) and those who have moved to Hawaii from the mainland or elsewhere.

Demonstration of Applique Stitches
It was a beautiful day in Waimea, sunny, a bit windy, and cool, as I parked by the Kuhio Hale and entered the quilt show. The Spirit of Aloha was immediately evident as the admission was free, a very nice gesture to all who came. The large room was well lit, and king sized quilts were beautifully displayed in the middle while wall and keiki (children’s) quilts were exhibited along the walls. Local music was playing, and tables lining the walls held a diverse selection of items for sale, most with a Hawaiian slant. In addition, there were informal how-to sessions and demonstrations of appliqué stitching, and Hawaiian quilt patterns were available for tracing.

I spoke to another guild member, Leona Wishard who had a large green and white quilt called Naupaka, which is a small white flower that looks like half a flower, on display. A quilter nearly twenty-eight years, Leona said it took three years to make the quilt.

Outside Kuhio Hale, the weekly farmers’ market was also going on. Fruit, vegetables, and flowers raised by local farmers in the area was on sale, so I took advantage of the opportunity and loaded up on fresh lettuce, bananas, papaya before I went home.

Local Music
"Aloha nui loa"
©2005 Patricia Littlefield

Mary MacThreadde
By Patricia Littlefield

A quilter named Mary MacThreadde,
quilted whilst lying in bedde.
Her stitches were small;
you'd scarce see them at all,
but her quilts oft attached
to the spreadde.

©2003 Patricia Littlefield

Lokelani by Sarah Stoddard Goods for Sale
Naupuka by Leona Wishard Tracing Hawaiian Quilt Patterns

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