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Hallye Bone
Town & Country, MO
Hallye Bone has been quilting since 1967. She began teaching quilting at the award-winning shop Patches, Etc., in St. Charles in 1981. A St. Louis native, she spent twelve years in Houston, and taught in six quilt shops there. She currently writes for many quilting magazines, including Quilter’s World, Miniature Quilts, and Quilting Today. She lectures, teaches quilting and embroidery, appraises quilts, repairs quilts, and does custom quilt projects. She is best known for her “crazy quilt” repairs and lectures as well as her “Care, Repair and Restoration” lectures. Hallye tries to quilt every day and enjoys the many wonderful quilters she has met in her thirty-five year career.
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Hallye's Quick Charity Quilt

posted: 11/14/2005

This Quilter has not contributed a Quilt
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