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Jacquie Scuitto
Born and grew up in Maine; college in upstate NY where I met my DH -- student at another college in the same town. First trip to Europe (a 24 hour trip in those days!) when he was in the service; returned a few years later where he taught in a school for military dependents and I had two babies, both born in Italy where we were for 3 years. Moved to Germany where we remained for 22 years -- the last 14 running a photography business which was mainly photographing at horse shows. I missed the quilting revival of the mid-70's and only came to quilting in 1991. Joined a guild (still a member...) in 1993. Got on-line and joined a couple of Internet quilt lists in early 1996. My own quilting experiences and the on-line discussions inspired me to make comments in light verse -- and The Muse was born! Another list member, who did some publishing, thought the verses were publishable and we produced via email a small booklet in the fall of 1996. It is now out of print, but the verses have taken on a life of their own and are to be found in many guild newsletters throughout the country. I am still active on the lists and have added a few more -- including a German one in an effort to keep my German language skills practiced for my annual trip to visit my DDs (2) and GKs (6) as well as quilters I have met there. I have written so many verses on so many aspects of quilting that new ideas and comments have become rarer -- I seem to have said most of what I have to say before -- but as much of it is still relevant I do repost many of them. There are always new members on the the lists since the last time the verse appeared! Oh yes -- I do quilt! Mostly small pieces and vests as it takes me forever to handquilt a large piece and I need to sharpen my machine quilting skills. I have a large fabric collection and have been amassing other related craft items -- beads, paints, etc. -- hoping to find time to explore new techniques. One of these days...
Title Date Posted Category Level
Are You Safe? 2/12/2003 General All
Coping with UFOs 2/12/2003 General All
The Quilt 2/24/2003 General All
Disappearing Act 8/12/2003 General All
More Quilt Poetry 9/9/2004 General All

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