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Hallye's Quick Charity Quilt posted: 11/14/2005
by Hallye Bone Printable Page
Category: Pieced Level: Easy
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Quilters are a generous, caring group of people. Project Linus, the AIDS quilt, raffle quilts, and our guild projects reflect our outreach into our community and our country. Now, Hurricane Katrina has touched all of our hearts. Watching the television coverage, I became anxious and very sad. However, I decided to do something about the situation and help the survivors of Katrina.

First, I gathered necessary items that I thought the victims of this terrible storm would need. I found new towels, bought wash cloths and socks at Wal-Mart. I put a quilt that I loved, but didn’t need, into a box with things I bought. I mailed these items to Houston, to the IQA. However, I still felt a need to do more. I realized that when the citizens of New Orleans were to return to their homes, they would have nothing—especially, they would lack bedding. For a quilter, this is unthinkable.

So, next, I made two quilts, using my “stash.” They are large “throws” and intended for children, but you could make them larger if you wish. If you decide to help, here’s how to make one:

To make a quilt that measures approximately 54” x 66”:

  1. Cut a piece of fabric for the center (this should measure 36 ½” x 48 ½” and will be your “theme” fabric) – I used a cute pink and purple “striped” fabric, something that a little girl would like.

  2. Cut twenty-two 9 ½” squares of coordinating fabrics – I pieced these into strips to make borders for the top, bottom, and sides.

  3. After attaching the borders, I pieced a backing with scraps of coordinating fabrics.

  4. Then, I layered the top, the batting, and backing, and quilted straight lines across the central portion and x’s in the squares. I brought the backing around and top-stitched it down as a binding. Simple and quick!

I mailed off my quilts to the AQS center called “Quilts to the Rescue.” It may be a small gesture, but I know that someone will love this quilt, just as I loved making it. When I went to the post office, the clerk noted what I was sending and even offered me FOUR strong cardboard boxes for future mailings!

5801 Kentucky Dam Road
Paducah, KY 42003

Before sending quilts, please check status at the AQS website at

©2005 Hallye Bone
Appraiser, Certified by the American Quilter's Society
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