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"Days of the Week" Fabric Designs posted: 2/14/2006
by Hallye Bone Printable Page
Category: General Method: All
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A New Chapter in the Lace Tales' Book—
“Days of the Week” Fabric Designs

Susie Osborn has loved textiles all her life. She has been lucky to turn that love into a successful business—Lace Tales, a company specializing in embroidery patterns based on vintage textile designs. However, Sue felt that there was a need for fabrics to coordinate with stitchery, which is now popular again. So, this talented lady has designed an exciting collection for Windham Fabrics.

Sue named the group “Days of the Week.” The collection’s focal points are panels with sayings from a familiar poem about children, “Monday’s child is full of grace, Tuesday’s child is fair of face,” etc. The panels are line drawings resembling outline embroidery and show little girls swinging and playing. Sue designed other bright prints as coordinates—tiny polka dots, flower pots, checks and florals. The fabrics are reminiscent of 30’s prints, but are bolder in color and were printed in reds and yellows, pinks and greens, and blues and oranges. The fabrics are “busy,” taking a cue from the 30’s calicos’ style, but, as Sue says, “When I put them together, they work.”

Susie and husband David have formed a unique partnership. David is a familiar sight in the Lace Tales booth at needlework and quilt shows. His participation always draws a crowd and customers’ comments. Sue laughs, “People can’t believe that this West Texas boy can handle a needle!” Clients began to call David “Dr. Stitch.” He does many of the samples seen in her booth.

Susie has designed her new fabrics with the consumer in mind. “This beautiful fabric can be used for curtains or a dust ruffle,” she says. “Everyone is so busy, today, and because they coordinate so well, my fabrics take the guesswork out of decorating a home.”

Sue’s fabric will work well in quilt, whether the quiltmaker uses embroidered pieces or not. “My fabric can be used in a tailored setting or a casual, ‘country’ room.” She has fabrics in blue and white and red and white that will accent outline embroidery work. High contrast redwork and other stitchery have been popular for 125 years. Now, quilters can do their embroidery and mix it with these bright fabrics.

For eighteen years, Susie has been an ambassador for a revival of needlework. “Stitching gives me patience,” she says. “I find it soothing, relaxing, and fun.” Sue’s enthusiasm spills over to her designs. “I feel lucky to do something for a living that I love.” She hopes you love her “Days of the Week” fabrics, too.

To contact Sue:
For fabric information:

©2006 Hallye Bone
Appraiser, Certified by the American Quilter's Society
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