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Alphabet Quilt posted: 1/13/2003
by Dori Hawks Printable Page
Category: Foundation Pieced Level: Easy Series: Alphabet Block of the Month
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  1. Read Methods of Reproducing Paper Pieced Designs
  2. Getting you fabrics ready:
    1. Cut strips of the main fabrics about " wider than the widest area on the letter you have chosen, plus seam allowances. Cut these into lengths the same way. (It is easier to handle the smaller pieces)
    2. Cut strips of your background fabrics the same way as Step a.
  3. Sewing Your Letters:
    1. Read Foundation Piecing Instructions
    2. M means main fabric or your fabric chosen for the letter.
    3. B means background fabric.
    4. Sew each piece in the order of the number printed on the pattern. Remember the paint by number? This is sewing by number.
    5. Sewing with a number 14 needle and a short length stitch makes it easier to pull the paper off later. The solid lines are sewing lines.
    6. Pin or glue stick (my preference) the first fabric onto the non-printed (or labeled) side of the paper with the right side of the fabric facing up.
    7. Lay the paper with fabric attached down on your cutting board with the fabric face down. Fold the paper back on the seam line you are getting ready to sew. (It is easier to do this by laying a postcard on top of the paper, match the edge of the card along the edge of the seam line, and then fold the paper back on top of the postcard) The fabric will stick out past the paper.
    8. Cut the fabric " from the folded edge of the paper. (Using the Add-A-Quarter Ruler makes this step easier. Read the my favorite tool review on this ruler)
    9. Unfold the paper and lay the number 2 piece right sides together with the number one fabric. Make sure the cut edges along the seam line are even. Sew the first seam. This is the seam between the number one fabric and the number two fabric.
    10. Open out the second fabric and press with the iron on the fabric side. Lay a plain piece of paper on top of the ironing board to protect the ironing board cover from excess print.
    11. k. Go back to Step (g) and trim the fabric the same way, " from the folded edge. Unfold the paper, press and lay the third fabric right sides together on top of fabric number two. l. Continue in the same manner with the rest of your fabrics in the block. m. Press well and trim your block on the dotted lines.

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Category: Foundation Pieced

Author: Dori Hawks
Level: Easy

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