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Mini Melon Quilt posted: 6/8/2003
by Nancy Thomas Printable Page
Category: Foundation Pieced Level: Easy
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My personal opinion is the more fabrics used, the more interesting the final quilt will be. In the sample there are many shades of the main color, blue, but kept the secondary color uniform throughout (off-white with a hint of blue in the print fabric).

Quilt size: 2" blocks with 6 blocks by 4 blocks 14 1/2" x 18 1/2"
1" blocks with 6 blocks by 4 blocks 11" x 13" (Approximate depending on border widths)

Block Size: 2" (finished); based on a 1/4" inch grid of the paper-pieced block; or for the very brave: 1" (finished) based on a 1/8" grid. The purple quilt is made up of one inch finished blocks.

Fabric Requirements For Quilt:
For One-Inch Blocks: Use scraps of several different medium and dark blues. You will need about 1/8 of a yard for the light fabric and 1/8 to a yard for each border.
For Two Inch Blocks: Use scraps of several medium and dark blues for blocks and 1/8 to yard for the light fabric. Use to 3/8 yard for each border fabric.

Inner border: one strip 1 " x about 32" long
Outer Border: one strip 2 " x about 40" long.
Click here to download the 2 Inch Paper Pattern (pdf)

Click here to download the 1 Inch Paper Pattern (pdf)

  1. Remember the block pattern is the mirror image of the finished quilt block. You will be placing your fabric on the unprinted side and sewing on the printed side of the mini melon block pattern. Read Foundation Piecing Basics Vol. 1 for general paper piecing instructions.

  2. Piece the block in numerical order. For a quilt similar to the one pictured, 24 pieced blocks will be needed. Option: It might be easier to cut squares for the corner triangles. Then match them up with the corner with right sides together. Sew them across the diagonal and trim off the excess fabric. See Diagram. For One Inch Block cut squares 1 " and for a Two Inch Block cut squares 1 5/8". You will need 4 squares for each Mini Melon Block.

  3. After all the blocks are constructed, press the blocks with a dry iron on the fabric side.

  4. Trim the blocks to the correct size (including seam allowance) with the paper still attached. This is supposed to be a "no-no" for rotary cutters, but greater accuracy is achieved using this method.

  5. Tear away the paper only in the seam allowances where the blocks are sewn to each other. The blocks are ready to be sewn into a quilt.

  6. Sew the quilt blocks into 6 rows of 4 quilt blocks in each row. Use the quilt picture as your reference. Alternate the direction of the pressed block seams for each row.

    + + + =
    Press blocks to left
    + + + =
    Press blocks to right

  7. Cutting Borders (Please feel free to cut the border strips any size you would prefer for your quilt):
    *Cut first border strips 1 1/2" wide by width of fabric from a light blue fabric.
    *Cut second border 2 3/4" wide by width of fabric from a darker blue fabric.

  8. Sew the borders to the quilt top; start with the short ends of the quilt and then the long vertical sides. Press seams toward the borders. *(Rip the paper off of the blocks when you have sewn the first border on your mini quilt)

Color and Setting Options

2003 Nancy J. Thomas

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Category: Foundation Pieced

Author: Nancy Thomas
Level: Easy

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