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Spreading the Quilt posted: 8/31/2004
by Marilyn Ingalls Printable Page
Category: Applique Series: September '04 Quilt of the Month Contest
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57" x 51"

Hand appliqué; combination of hand and machine quilting. Adaptation of pattern by Helen Scott, "Bonnet Girls: Gentlewomen" This is how I got the reflection of the quilt and picture on the wall within the mirror: I used my digital camera to take a picture sideways, as if I was in the position of the mirror. It was fed into the computer, sized to the proper ratio then printed on fabric which I sewed behind the mirror frame. Flowers on the dresser have started to drop their petals. This has become a "trade mark" of mine, as I now have a few fallen leaves or petals in most of my work. This wall hanging was such a joy to make that I'm just completing another one. It takes a lot of planning and patience, as each appliquéd piece is padded. It is well worth the effort.

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Category: Applique

Author: Marilyn Ingalls

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